This long study focuses as well on the largest islands as the smallest islets, as long as they have an ornithological interest, even with only one endemic bird species.

An endemic species, plant or animal, lives only in a specific location such as island, habitat type or other defined area. Endemic species are more developed on islands because they are isolated. By living in restricted areas, the endemics often become threatened, endangered or extinct, due to human developments involving disturbances, degradation and destruction of the habitat, but also to introduced species, plants and animals, which become invasive and threaten the native ones.   

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Endemic birdís species - Puerto Rico

Endemic bird's species - Cuba

Endemic bird's species - Jamaica

Endemic birdís species - Trinidad and Tobago

Endemic birdís species - Cocos Island (Costa Rica)

Endemic birdís species - Galapagos Islands

Endemic bird's species - Cyprus

Endemic bird's species - Seychelles

Endemic bird's species - Mayotte

Endemic bird's species - Madagascar

Endemic bird's species - La Reunion

Endemic bird's species - Mauritius

Tromelin Island avian bird species

Mauritius and Rodrigues Islands extinct endemic bird species

Endemic bird’s species - Canary Islands

Endemic bird species - Vanuatu

Endemic bird's species - UK Sub Antarctic Islands (South Georgia - South Sandwich Islands - Falkland Islands - St Helena - Ascension and Tristan da Cunha)

Avian species of South Shetland Islands

French Sub Antarctic Islands (Scattered Islands - Kerguelen - Crozet - St Paul and Amsterdam)

Avian species of Norwegian Sub Antarctic Islands (Bouvet Island - Peter I Island)

Avian species of South African Sub Antarctic Islands ( Marion and Prince-Edward Islands)

Endemic bird's species - Falkland Islands

Endemic birdís species - Australian Sub Antarctic Islands (Macquarie - Heard-et-Mac Donald Islands)

Endemic bird's species - New Zealand Sub Antarctic Islands (Antipodes - Auckland - Bounty - Campbell - Snares)

Endemic bird's species - Chatham Islands

Endemic bird's species - New Zealand (North Island - South Island - Stewart Island)

New Zealand extinct endemic bird species

Franz Josef Land - Russian Arctic National Park

Novaya Zemlya (Arctic Ocean in northern Russia)

Severnaya Zemlya (Russian high Arctic)

New Siberian Islands (Russian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean)

Wrangel Island - Arctic Ocean

Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands (Norway territories in the Arctic Ocean)

Surtsey Island (Off Iceland)

Westman Islands (Off Iceland)

Baffin Island

Aleutian Islands

Pribilof Islands

St. Lawrence Island


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Antilles (Lesser Antilles and Greater Antilles)

Hawaiian Islands

Sri Lanka




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All texts by Nicole Bouglouan

Sources about islands' generalities:

Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia


The Pyramid (Chatham Islands)

Simon Tan
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