Large Cactus-Finch

Photograph by John Anderson
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The species' names can be found here: Avibase (Lepage Denis)

Cocos Finch - Pinaroloxias inornata - Spizin de Cocos

Common Cactus Finch – Geospiza scandens – Géospize des cactus

Genovesa Cactus-Finch - Geospiza propinqua - Géospize voisin

Genovesa Ground Finch - Geospiza acutirostris - Géospize de Genovesa

Green Warbler-Finch – Certhidea olivacea – Géospize olive

Grey Warbler-Finch – Certhidea fusca – Géospize gris  

Large Cactus Finch – Geospiza conirostris – Géospize à bec conique

Large Ground Finch – Geospiza magnirostris – Géospize à gros bec

Large Tree Finch – Camarhynchus psittacula – Géospize psittacin

Mangrove Finch – Camarhynchus heliobates – Géospize des mangroves

Medium Ground Finch – Geospiza fortis – Géospize à bec moyen

Medium Tree Finch – Camarhynchus pauper – Géospize modeste

Sharp-beaked Ground Finch – Geospiza difficilis – Géospize à bec pointu

Small Ground Finch – Geospiza fuliginosa – Géospize fuligineux

Small Tree Finch – Camarhyncus parvulus – Géospize minuscule

Vampire Ground Finch - Geospiza septentrionalis - Géospize vampire

Vegetarian Finch – Platyspiza crassirostris – Géospize crassirostre

Woodpecker Finch – Camarhynchus pallidus – Géospize pique-bois


The Dull-colored Grassquit is currently identified as the nearest living species relative of the Darwin’s Finches: Dull-colored Grassquit - Tiaris obscurus - Sporophile obscur