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Mayotte is a region of France named Department of Mayotte. It consists of the two southernmost islands of the Comoros archipelago. The main island is named Grande Terre, whereas the smaller one is named Petite Terre. There are several islets around both islands. Mayotte is located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Mozambique.

The area is 376 square kilometres, and more than 250,000 people are living there. Mayotte has volcanic origin. The landscape is undulating, with deep ravines and volcanic peaks. The highest peak is Mont Bénara with 661 metres of elevation.
The tropical marine climate involves a hot, rainy season between November and May. The cooler, dry season occurs between May and November.     

A typical coral reef surrounds Mayotte, enclosing large, deep lagoons, and numerous mangroves alternate with reefs.
Mayotte waters are a National Marine Park, and many natural reserves can be found on the island. The main vegetation is the evergreen tropical forest. The cultivated areas are confined to C and NE plains.   
Within the avifauna of Mayotte, the endemic Mayotte Sunbird frequents tropical and subtropical moist lowlands, whereas the Mayotte Drongo lives in high elevation habitats including wet and rainforests. Both species are endemic to the island.

Exotic species have been introduced, including rodents, insects and plants, but also mongoose, House Sparrow, Common Myna (this one is very common), fish and molluscs. The introduction of exotic species can change the ecosystem of an island and may involve the loss of several endemic animals.   

The fauna is threatened by intense deforestation for agriculture expansion and timber. However, they seem to be able to adapt to man-made habitats, but all species have restricted range.  

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Mayotte Scops-Owl - Otus mayottensis - Petit-duc de Mayotte

Mayotte Drongo - Dicrurus waldenii - Drongo de Mayotte

Mayotte White-eye - Zosterops mayottensis - Zostérops de Mayotte

Mayotte Sunbird - Cinnyris coquerellii - Souimanga de Mayotte