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The booted eagles throughout the world


The tenth and last group of the Family Accipitridae contains the true or “booted” eagles of several genera.  
The best known is the largest genus Aquila which includes usually dark raptors.
The genera Spizastur, Polemaetus, Lophaetus, Stephanoaetus and Oroaetus are monospecific. But Spizastur and Oropaetus are merged (according to the classification) with the larger genera Hieraaetus and Spizaetus.   
All these eagles are considered the most evolved raptors in this huge family.

Golden Eagle

Aquila chrysateos

Due to its feathered tarsi, the Black Eagle (Ictinaetus malaiensis) also belongs to this group. Its large size and several habits make it closely related to these eagles, and in addition, this raptor is very different from the other species.

Black Eagle

Ictinaetus malaiensis

These large eagles with feathered tarsi hunt and kill living preys for feeding. Male and female have similar appearance, but usually, the female is larger.
These raptors often have dark brown plumage. However, some forest species show black and white areas, small numbers have rufous feathers and only one species is black overall.

Ornate Hawk-Eagle

Spizaetus ornatus

Long-crested Eagle

Lophaetus occipitalis

Their habits, including feeding, hunting, displays, breeding and nesting are often similar. The differences come from the range and the habitat, according to prey and nest-site availabilities.

Numerous eagles are threatened by persecutions, disturbances, poisoning, habitat loss or degradation. However, several species are still abundant throughout the world.

Crowned Hawk-Eagle - Stephanoaetus coronatus - Female
Wahlberg's Eagle -Hieraaetus wahlbergi

Eagles are symbols of bravery and strength and have proud look in their eyes.
Often displayed on flags and coats of arms, they are admired and respected. Their feathers have been used by warriors, religious, kings and emperors, in order to enjoy some of its powers.
From the mythology to our century, people have always been impressed by these wonderful raptors, the masters of the sky!   

Martial Eagle

Polemaetus bellicosus

To study these wonderful eagles is the main goal of this article about the tenth group of the family Accipitridae.   

First part: Genus Ictinaetus - Genus Aquila - Genus Clanga

Second part: Genus Hieraaetus

Third part: Genus Polemaetus - Genus Lophaetus - Genus Stephanoaetus

Fourth part: Genera Spizaetus and Nisaetus