The bird and its nest, where everything starts…

Summary of this study

Second part: the Passerines


At the beginning of the breeding season and following several courtship displays, the nest-site is selected by the pair, or one of the members of the pair, and the nest is built within this area. For numerous species, the nest is the place where displays and copulation occur. It plays a very important role during the nesting period. It is the cradle of the chicks, the place where the adults feed them prior to their first flight towards independence.

Page 1 : Nests of Passerines - Introduction

Page 2 : Acanthisittidae, Sapayoidae, Eurylaimidae and Pittidae

Page 3 : Furnariidae (Ovenbirds)

Page 4 : Thamnophilidae, Formicariidae, Grallariidae, Conopophagidae, Rhinocryptidae and Melanopareiidae

Page 5 : Tyrannidae - Article already present on the website

Page 6 : Cotingidae, Pipridae and Tityridae

Page 7: Menuridae, Atrichornithidae, Ptilonorhynchidae, Climacteridae

Page 8: Maluridae, Meliphagidae


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