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All the images displayed on the website and in the photographer’s galleries are subject to copyright and cannot be used without express authorization from the owner. Legal issues 
Please, contact us for the authorization (rarely refused) and high resolution images: Contact

Les photos présentes sur le site et dans les galeries des photographes sont soumises au droit d'auteur et ne peuvent être utilisées sans l'autorisation expresse du propriétaire. Mentions légales
Contactez-nous pour obtenir une autorisation (rarement refusée) et des images en haute définition : Contact


Ahlman Roger - GALLERY
His websites: Pbase Galleries Peru and Ecuador & My bird pictures on IBC

Anderson John - GALLERY
His website:  John Anderson Photo Galleries

Audevard Aurélien - GALLERY
His website :

Beamonte José Luís - GALLERY
His website : Pájaros de España

Billonneau Jean-Claude - GALLERY
His website: Photo gallery of BILLONNEAU Jean-Claude

Bouglouan Nicole - GALLERY
Her websites : Photographic ramble 

Buysse Didier - GALLERY
His website :
Vision d’Oiseaux

Colón Archilla Alfredo D. - GALLERY
His website :
Puerto Rico Wildlife

Chrétien Marc - GALLERY
His website:

Dechelle Maxime - GALLERY
His website:

Fenerole Jean Michel - GALLERY
His website: Photos d’Oiseaux

Garvie Steve - GALLERY
His websites :
RAINBIRDER Photo galleries & Flickr Rainbirder

Grey Tom - GALLERY
His websites :
Tom Grey's Bird Pictures & Tom Grey's Bird Pictures 2

Guillet Paul - GALLERY
His website : Photos d'Oiseaux

Havard Ken - GALLERY
His websites : His Bird Pictures on IBC & Flickr gallery 1 & Flickr gallery 2

Hernández Francisco José (Artist) - GALLERY
His website : AVESTRAZOS

Ingremeau Patrick - GALLERY
His website :

Jamoulle Jean-Claude - GALLERY
His website :
A la rencontre des Oiseaux

Jordan Eduardo Andrés - GALLERY
His website :

Lortie René - GALLERY
His websites : René Lortie photographe & Galeries d'oiseaux sur Pbase

McHenry Ian - GALLERY
His websites : My New Zealand Birds & Flickr galleries

Merigan Tom - GALLERY
His website : Tom Merigan’s Photo Galleries

Mistry Niraj Vijaykumar - GALLERY
His website: Photo Galleries

Montocchio Eugène - GALLERY
His websites : Galerie Photos Nature & Chez Gégène

Moul Bob - GALLERY
His website : Nature Photography

Moulton Pete - GALLERY
His website : Pete Moulton Photography

Nowell David - GALLERY 
His website : Virtually Home

Ottaviani Michel - GALLERY
His website : Le site de Michel Ottaviani

Peers de Nieuwburgh Jean Michel - GALLERY
His website :

Plantema Otto - GALLERY
His website : Trips around the world

Price William - GALLERY
His websites : PBase-tereksandpiper & Flickr William Price

Rabby Jean Marc - GALLERY
His website : Des Ailes et des Plumes

Shapiro Dubi - GALLERY
His websites : Dubi Shapiro Photo Galleries & Dubi Shapiro's Pictures on IBC

Tan Simon - GALLERY
His website : PBase Bird galleries

Tate Alan & Ann - GALLERY
Their website : AA Bird Photography

Waschkies Ingo - GALLERY
His website : My bird pictures on Pbase

de Wet Callie - GALLERY
His website : South African Wildlife at its best...

Wolfer Philippe & Aline - GALLERY


Special participation:

Alastair Morrison
Dave Crouchley
Dianne Mason
Dick Veitch
Don Merton
Leon Berard
Peter C. Harper
Rod Morris

Department of Conservation Te Papa Atawhai

Department of Conservation and DOC Flickr

Ross Wanless and Andrea Angel
The Percy Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology

Ryan Peter
The Percy Fitzpatrick Institute of African Ornithology



Maurice Robert, website: Curieux de Nature?

Ken Fitzgerald – Plymouth, MA

Jean-Luc Juveneton

Françoise Vareille



Frederick William Frohawk : 1861–1946

George Edwards : 1694-1773

Henry Eeles Dresser : 1838 - 1915

John Gould : 1804-1881

John Gerrard Keulemans : 1842-1912

Joseph Wolf : 1820-1899

Henrik Grönvold : 1858-1940

Walter Lawry Buller : 1838-1906

Joseph Smit : 1836-1929

Allan Brooks : 1869-1946

Johann Friedrich Naumann : 1780-1857